Brian has released My Movies for Windows Media Center and Collection Management for Windows version 4.06 PR 2.


My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management for Windows 4.06 PR 2 changelog:

Added: Mouse control commands to data service, for upcoming features in mobile applications.
Added: Event handling functionality updated for handling of power scenarios, main movie and credits start handling for device power and light control functionalities.
Added: Sony Remote Control handler for volume controls

Change: Blu-ray titles did not mark chapter reading as improveable, despite you have been able to read these for a while.

Fix: Folder monitoring had a problem with removing and re-adding titles on USB drives.
Fix: Wake On Lan did not work on TV Episode playback.
Fix: Audio key on remote did not work when ArcSoft TMT was playing.
Fix: DVD Menu button sent top menu button, now sends popup menu button as original remote when TMT is playing.
Fix: Missing files could cause a problem when opening the options dialog on CM installation.
Fix: Space did not work in text boxes in Windows Media Center.
Fix: OutOfMemory could occur on synchronization of large collections with online service when opening status dialog.

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