Deep Silver today announced a choice of two editions for the forthcoming action game KILLER IS DEAD which will be released on August 30th for the PlayStation and Xbox 360.


The exclusive Fan Edition will be available at a price of £49.99 and will contain the following items in addition to the normal retail version of the game:

The “Smooth Operator Pack” containing four downloadable items:

o        An additional mission: Episode 51 – The Man Who Stole Blood

o        Gigolo Glasses: Mondo Zappa will receive special glasses that grants X-Ray vision, allowing him to reap extra enjoyment from the beauties in Gigolo Mode

o        A mysterious beauty named Betty for Gigolo Mode

o        A yet unannounced  item perfect for summer

A poster showcasing the unique visuals of the game

The full soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka on CD

A fully coloured Art book

The “Fan Edition” will come in exclusive packaging

At launch, Deep Silver will also make a Limited Edition available which will contain the full “Smooth Operator Pack” downloadable content at no extra cost. This version of the game will have a price of £54.99.

At E3 I had the honour of interviewing Suda51 about Killer Is Dead, so stay tuned for that soon.

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