Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to announce that Pro Cycling Manager 2013 – Tour de France 100th Edition is now available on PC! To accompany this release, we invite you to discover the launch trailer of the game, which immerses you in the heart of the race, where the most famous champions fight neck and neck for victory!

As a true reference point for depth in a sports simulation, Pro Cycling Manager puts you in the shoes of the sports director of one of the season’s best teams. By managing the riders, contracts, equipment, finances, sponsors and training sessions, you get a real taste of what the world of professional cycling is all about as you guide your team in various prestigious competitions throughout the 2013 cycling season. This season culminates with the exceptional 100th edition of the Tour de France: a thrilling route that favours attacking riders, legendary and unique stages (Corsica stages, double ascent of the Alpes d’Huez, and a finish by night on the Champs-Elysées…), the return of the team time-trial, and the presence of numerous stars who are already champing at the bit to start.


The 2013 edition of Pro Cycling Manager brings many new features. Scenery is richer, more varied and more detailed, riders feature HD textures and jerseys, and also feature new animations showcasing their form and effort… never before have cycling races seemed this realistic. The game also features a new, optimized AI, a remodeled interface, as well as new management of the riders’ satisfaction and physical conditioning. In multiplayer, you can organize custom competitions with your friends, or face the best players in the world in a fascinating, persistent online mode!

Before the beginning of the Tour de France on June 29th, get on the saddle now with Pro Cycling Manager 2013 on PC, available now in European stores and worldwide for download.

The official game Tour de France 2013 – 100th Edition on consoles is also available today on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in European retail stores, and for download worldwide on the PlayStation Store (July 2nd on the US PSN).


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