At a recent event with Bethesda Softworks, I got the opportunity to play the new Elder Scrolls Online game, and I really enjoyed it.


For the hour or so of gameplay I had the chance to play, I was thrust into the City of Daggerfall as a Level 6 character. The first thing I noticed was just how amazing all the graphics looked.

Not wanting to waste any time, I decided to take the first quest that was offered to me, in this case from a dog called Giblets. The quest started simply enough, follow Giblets and see where he leads me. In this case, he led me to a dead body, and I was soon knee deep in murder, mayhem and a plot to kill the King. From then on it was a series of additional quests, each one leading me further into the story. And like other MMO’s, you can take multiple quests at the same time.


I found the combat system to be very simple to use (especially as I entered as a Level 6 character, thus skipping all the tutorials and early quests). Thankfully there were only a few enemies that were of a higher level than me during my quests, but some of those were pretty hard. Just make sure when you fight than you also move and don’t get yourself blocked into a corner, which can happen very easily.

One thing I really liked was that I was able to pick up any weapon, regardless of the class I was playing, so that should certainly please the fans.

Before I had time to realise it, my time in Daggerfall was at an end, and all I could think about was when I could go back.

After playing I had the chance to sit down in a group interview with the Matt, the Game Director from Zenimax Online.


So over to Matt for the group interview and new gameplay footage, including some never before seen first person views (which unfortunately were not in the build of the game I played):

The Elder Scrolls Online will be released later in 2013. Learn more from the website, where you can also sign up for the beta.