Today Sonos have released their 4.1 software update.

This update includes:

  • Better Playlist Support. Sonos makes it easier than ever to create and edit Sonos playlists.
    • Create playlists without using the queue—simply select Sonos Playlists and choose New Playlist.
    • Add tracks to a playlist from any available source by choosing a track and selecting Add to… Sonos Playlist.
    • Easily edit playlists by selecting a Sonos playlist and choosing Edit to delete or move tracks within the playlist.
  • New Spotify features. Spotify customers can now:
    • Create and edit Spotify playlists using a Sonos controller.
    • Access and play music from Spotify playlist folders directly using a Sonos controller.
    • Use either Facebook account credentials or Spotify account credentials to add a Spotify account to Sonos.
  • More alarm options. Wake up to music from any music subscription service.
    • When setting an alarm, now you can select a music service you’re subscribed to in addition to the music choices you already have.
  • Other improvements:
    • The time it takes to update your Sonos components should be reduced significantly.
    • The Android notification feature has been improved.
  • Demo video. Love your Sonos system? Want to show your friends how it works?
    • Select Show Demo from the Sonos app when you’re away from your Sonos system.

Let us know what you think of the updates by leaving a comment below.