If you want to play Fuse early then there is a demo you can get access to today on your Xbox 360.

Fuse is a 4-player co-op, story driven action game that forces players to consider what happens when humans exploit alien technology they were never meant to have. Developed by award-winning Insomniac Games, Fuse enables players to use lethal teamwork as they battle a rogue paramilitary outfit that has stolen a volatile alien energy source called Fuse.

Each agent is equipped with Fuse-powered weapons that gives them unique capabilities to expand their strategic options and yield extraordinary results. Solo players can experience each unique agent by using the LEAP feature to switch characters at will during combat. As players complete objectives, they earn Fuse points that can be spent on powerful upgrades.

Play the demo today by clicking here to add it to your download queue.

We recently interviewed Insomniac Games CEO and founder Ted Price:

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