Is your smartphone talking about you behind your back? It’s probably not, but that doesn’t mean your phone isn’t saying a lot about who you are as a person. Read this infographic to find out what kinds of things strangers can figure out about you from your choice of smartphone.

73% of smartphone users are using it to check their email, and the largest segments of those email-obsessed users are probably BlackBerry owners. No one loves email like BlackBerry users.

With the average smartphone owner carrying about 28 apps, it’s no surprise that so many people choose iPhones because of the kinds of apps available on the Apple operating system. Apple phones have incredible app opportunities, which attract the most progressive app users.

While BlackBerry and Apple owners are easy to spot, the truth is that the Windows user is less easy to find. This person is usually as understated as his phone. Neither the owner nor the device is very fancy, usually. The HTC Windows phone is the hallmark of a person who is low maintenance and laid-back.

If you’re into Motorola madness, then you probably enjoy texting like a mad man. Motorola lovers are quick on the draw and even faster to respond to tweets. These phone owners are usually under 20 years of age, or experiencing mid-life crises.

Finding the perfect phone isn’t about a brand or a user type: it’s about who you are and what you need. Forget the stereotypes and get the phone you love, whether it’s the HTC One or even an old-school flip phone.

Read this handy infographic to find out more about average smartphone users. You’ll also learn interesting facts and figures about smartphone users, such as that 80% use their devices to access social networks.

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