HALO Week Drop Shock

Microsoft and 343 Industries this week announced “Halo Week: Drop Shock”, a concentrated supply of new “Halo 4” content, giveaway opportunities, promotional pricing, DLC sales, and availability of Volume 2 of the original soundtrack. And for today its Extra XP Challenges.


343 Industries will turn up the heat with new “Extra XP” challenges throughout “Halo Week”, allowing you and your friends to rank up your Spartan faster by playing online.


With 14 daily and six weekly challenges, players will have the opportunity for extra Experience Points by competing in any “Halo 4” mode, be it War Games, Spartan Ops, or Campaign. These challenges were created specifically for “Halo Week: Drop Shock,” designed to reward more XP than standard challenges for players of all skill levels.

For challenge details, please visit Halo Waypoint.


Check back tomorrow to find out what Day Four brings.