The Next Generation Xbox 720 will reportedly be built on PC-style architecture, but will not be backwards compatible with the 360.

The latest Xbox 720 rumours suggest that Microsoft’s next-generation gaming device will feature an x86 AMD processor, combining a powerful “Jaguar” CPU with a graphics chip.

xbox 360

While the shift towards PC architecture would make it easier and cheaper to develop games, it means that existing Xbox 360 discs will not be compatible with the new device.

“We’ll probably see many more titles because the console makers are saying the publishers are back in the driver’s seat,” Envisioneering consultant Richard Doherty told Bloomberg.

“Developers won’t have to reinvent various features, such as smoke, shading and reflections for each machine and can essentially create once and port once, and be done,” he added.

The news comes after it was suggested that Microsoft plans to unveil the console at an event on 21st May.