The 9 Series is one of the first televisions to feature Toshiba Cloud TV, a brand new connected entertainment platform that combines access to broadcast and online content.

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Cloud TV also offers a more personalised and interactive approach to TV viewing, including recommendations based on viewing history, and the ability to watch television whilst simultaneously following live Twitter feeds that dynamically refresh when the channel or program is changed.

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A new remote control will help users to get the most out of the new service.

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A host of new content providers includes Netflix, Vimeo, Blinkbox and Deezer, adding to Toshiba’s existing line up of popular sevices such as Acetrax Movies, BBC iPlayer and YouTube, giving viewers even more choice and instant access to hundreds of films, TV shows, videos and music on demand. Additionally, Cloud TV provides users with a powerful search tool that explores available content listed across the online EPG, video-on-demand services and even items stored on other devices connected to the home network.

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Toshiba Cloud TV will be included in the new Toshiba 2013 range coming this year.