Lacie recently sent me a 5big NAS Pro NAS unit, their latest version of the 5big NAS line, to review.  This is Part One of my detailed review of the unit and will cover basic installation.   Read on for details!

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Lacie recently sent me a 5big NAS Pro NAS unit, their latest version of the 5big NAS line, to review.  In this post, Part One of my detailed review, I’ll walk you through the basic installation process.  In future posts, I’ll show you the Remote Access setup, the Wuala cloud service setup, and an overall evaluation of the unit, including performance specifications.

First, some details from Lacie on the 5big NAS Pro, which now runs a custom version of Linux.  The prior model, the 5big Office+, ran Storage Server 2008 R2 one of the WHS2011-related SKU’s.

LaCie 5big NAS Pro

5-Bay Secure Hybrid Cloud. Powered by Intel®.

  • Up to 200MB/s with dual-core 2.13GHz Intel processor
  • Single interface for local/cloud storage and remote access
  • Quick integration and user-friendly management
  • SimplyRAID data protection with support for mixed capacities

Design by Neil Poulton

Today’s small businesses require lightning-fast and ultra-secure professional network storage. Their employees must have anywhere and anytime access to files, with a convenient interface. Network storage also needs to back up all the office’s computers, regardless of the operating system. Enter the LaCie 5big NAS Pro. With speed, reliability, and complete usability, it’s the go-to solution for small business network storage needs.

And here is a video that goes into the new product for you:

This NAS is positioned as the natural choice for an SMB looking for a true integrated cloud solution.  Features like VPN servers and surveillance camera support won’t be here; they are focused on easy sophisticated RAID and effective and easy integration with their Wuala cloud solution.  Today, we’ll go over the basic installation process; stay tuned for future posts on the overall evaluation of the unit.

Product Pictures

The Lacie 5big NAS Pro comes with the unit, contained in a cloth bag to prevent scratches from shipment, a recovery key, a disk bay tool for opening and locking the disk bays, a power supply and a CAT5e patch cable. Here are some photos of the 5big NAS Pro before I installed it:


Note the Wuala 90 day 100GB trial offer sheet, the quick install guide and the software disk.


Lacie is sticking with its iconic styling choice from their prior 5big Office line, and the all-aluminum case is heavy. It also looks fantastic in my living room home entertainment rack, and the quiet fan design is appreciated.