Today Saints Row 4 has been confirmed by publisher Deep Silver. The first teaser trailer reveals gameplay for the open-world sequel as well as a release date of 23rd August in Europe and 20th August in North America.


It also confirms that it will be released on current-generation systems Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Saints Row 4 sees the head of the Saints elected as the President of the United States, and must fight off an alien invasion that sees the gang transported into a virtual version of Steelport.

It will feature new alien-inspired weapons and superpowers such as flight, super speed and telekinesis. Saints Row 4 was reported to be in the works last week, with a first full reveal at US gaming expo PAX East.

saints-row-4-screenshot 2

Originally a stand-alone expansion named Enter the Dominatrix, the project then became a full sequel that was expected for launch in 2013. Series developer Volition was bought by Deep Silver after publisher THQ went into bankruptcy.