Lace up your skates and play with your fave ghouls in Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze the Video Game.

Pick your own clawsome team as you race through the scary-challenging course filled with terrifying traps and killer obstacles. Unlock 12 different Monster High characters and 6 tracks–including Monster High Stadium, Gloom Beach, Skull Shore and more–by winning races.

There are four different modes to select from, including a circuit mode where the team with the most points at the end wins and a timed mode where it’s you against the clock!


You can pick from 12 characters, including Clawdeen, Robecca Steam and Abbey Bominable. Each of the characters has their own special power that they can using during a race once they have collected power ups and their power meter is full. These special powers include Electric Kisses and Bat Calls and have a different outcome in the game.


The tracks give you the chance to really get into the game and use your special powers and gives a lot of replayability.

If you are a fan of Monster High, or more likely you have a child who is a fan of Monster High, then this game should keep them occupied and quiet for hours and its actually rather fun.

Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze for the Nintendo 3DS is released March 13th and costs £24.99