Today Treyarch has released the information on the newest patch for Black Ops 2 for the Xbox 360 that is now live the next time you launch the game.


Game Update Notes: Mar. 12, 2013

Feature Improvements

    • The CODcast control panel can now optionally show the overhead map in the player list in games with 10 players or less.
    • Added the ability to view past seasons for all the leagues a team has been a part of in League History.
    • Background Downloading has been enabled on XBOX 360.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed

    • Resolved an issue where players were receiving an error message when trying to join a System Link or LAN Party lobby without internet connection.
    • Resolved Select Fire reverting back to default settings after a round transition.
    • Fixed a potential exploit using the Trophy System.
    • Addressed an issue with the Collector’s Edition camo un-equipping from weapons.
    • Addressed an issue with the Peacekeeper not appearing for players that join into a match that is already in progress.
    • Resolved an issue on Drone where the automatic doors at the weapon plant would trigger/destroy Lethal Equipment.
    • Addressed an issue with the highlight for the Dual Band Scope on players equipped with certain weapons.
    • Fixed an issue with the planted bomb disappearing at the “B” site on Hydro when the water floods.
    • Addressed an issue with the VTOL Warship not destroying if hit when exiting the map.
    • Players will now be able to complete the Shredder Scorestreak challenge using a Death Machine from a care package.
    • The Stealth Chopper no longer counts towards completion of the Chopper Hunter challenge.
    • Resolved an issue where planted Riot Shields were not getting destroyed by the gondolas in Downhill.
    • Resolved an issue with C4 and Bouncing Betty’s killing players on contact.
    • Fixed an issue where the Combat Axe would sometime destroy the Guardian.
    • Addressed a missing image issue with the Medals section of the Combat Record for new players.
    • Players with Hard Wired equipped will no longer lose their Care Package if throwing it while an enemy EMP Scorestreak is active.
    • Fixed an issue with bomb plants being automatically aborted while a Care Package or Hunter Killer Drone is equipped.
    • Hosts can now kick players in Custom Game lobbies.
    • Hint text for the Camera toggle in the Live Stream menu updated to include support for the XBOX 360 Kinect sensor.
    • Videos being rendered in the Theater will no longer be automatically canceled when the controller disconnects.
    • The CODcast UI is now displaying the flag for the Flag Carrier in the Objective column.
    • Addressed a button mapping issue in the Emblem Options menu.
    • Resolved an issue with the red crosshair appearing in the Target Finder when targeting an enemy equipped with Cold Blooded.
    • Fixed an issue with the stats tracking for the Executioner’s Accuracy in the Combat Record.
    • Fixed an issue where the Friends List showed a joinable/green arrow icon for players who were not playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
    • Resolved an issue where the turret in the northern building on Turbine would become unusable.
    • Addressed an issue with the Lightning Strike Scorestreak if the player had the tablet out during a host migration.
    • Fixed an issue with some weapons having invisible magazines from 3rd person animations during an automatic reload.
    • Resolved an issue on XBOX 360 with backing out of a Guest Account sign-in.
    • Addressed an issue where the game would sometimes crash after repeated host migrations.
    • Fixed knife lunge launching players on the Express map.
    • Fixed an issue where the player could get an empty War Machine or Death Machine when switching classes at the start of the match.
    • Addressed a loss of functionality for the player and guest when switching between Multiplayer and Zombies and having the guest switch back to Multiplayer.
    • Match clocks in Multi-Team and Free-for-All games modes no longer continue to tick down in Theater when a CODcast game is paused.
    • Resolved an issue where planting a Claymore in front of a crouched player with a Riot Shield would cause the Claymore to fly across the map.
    • Resolved a couple of overlapping UI issues when CODcasting.
    • Players can now turn the Voice Icon On/Off when CODcasting a match in Theater.

Gameplay Balancing

Spawn System Improvements:

    • Reduced the weight of positive team spawn influencers on owned Domination flags. This reduces cases in Domination where players may spawn near their team but also near danger.
    • Added more spawn points to Hijacked for Demolition and Kill Confirmed, which improves the spawn-picking algorithm on that map in those game modes.
    • Adjusted spawn influencers on Standoff for improved spawn-picking algorithms in all game modes.


    • MSMC: Recoil has been increased.
    • MSMC: Hip fire accuracy has been slightly reduced.
    • PDW57: Recoil has been increased.
    • PDW57: Hip fire accuracy has been slightly reduced.


    • KAP-40: Dual wield damage reduced.
    • KAP-40: Dual wield hip fire accuracy has been reduced.


    • MMS: Cold blooded now renders enemies almost completely invisible to MMS.


    • QBB-LSW: Medium range damage increased.
    • HAMR: Medium range damage increased.

Assault Rifles:

    • FAL OSW + Select Fire: Damage reduced when firing full auto.
    • SMR + Select Fire: Damage reduced when firing full auto.
    • Type 25: Move speed increased.
    • Type 25: Medium range damage increased.
    • SCAR: Long range damage increased.
    • SWAT-556: Long range damage increased.


    • M1216: Medium range damage increased.

Sniper Rifles:

    • Ballista + Iron Sight: Idle sway reduced.

Zombies Issues Addressed

    • Resolved several issues with exploitable areas in the Die Rise
    • Resolved several exploits in Green Run
    • Resolved network/connectivity issues that could occur in the frontend and lobbies.