Google has revealed its first  laptop with touchscreen capability.

The high-res Chromebook Pixel is  described as having “the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch) of any  laptop screen on the market today”.

google chromebook pixel

Google also wrote in its official blog that the touchscreen on the  Pixel will make it easier for users to “organise tabs, swipe through apps and  edit photos with the tip of your finger”.

As a rival to Apple’s Retina  Display, the Pixel also features Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and fast 4G LTE  connectivity, plus a resolution of 4.3 million pixels. It will also be powered  by an Intel Core i5 Processor for speed.

Instead of local storage, Chrome  OS computers run applications through a web browser and store files in the cloud  – an element some users are finding hard to adjust to.
However, the  Chromebook Pixel will run Google’s Chrome operating system, and it is hoped that  this will be the product to turn around Google’s fortunes when it comes to  consumers’ interest in Chromebooks.

The Pixel also possesses “powerful, full-range speakers” and a 720p webcam. The  computer will also have three microphones, which will be designed to cancel out  surrounding noise.

Chromebooks have faced adversity when it comes to  providing a viable alternative to the much-used Windows-powered computers.