Destiny will be available on the PS4 with exclusive content, Bungie has announced.

Speaking at the PlayStation 4 event in New York, Bungie president Harold Ryan revealed that the online shooter would be released on PS3  and PS4, while Xbox 360 support was confirmed earlier this week.

The news was accompanied by a new developer trailer similar to the previously released unveiling video.

The video combines gameplay footage, concept art and developer commentary, with Bungie describing the PS4 as a “great piece of gear”.


Unveiled  earlier this week, Destiny is a first-person shooter set in a  persistent world based on a future version of our own solar system, where  players create and customise their own characters and set out on a quest to  gather loot and defeat enemies.

Players take on the role of Guardians,  who must work together to defeat alien foes on Earth and beyond with the ultimate goal of reclaiming mankind’s lost territory.

Officially announced at the start of the event, the PS4 is compared to a “supercharged  PC”. It features an x86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU and 8GB RAM.