I was up in Chicago this weekend, and the staff at the State Street Bang & Olufsen store was nice enough to do an on-camera product demo of the BeoPlay A8 audio system.  Read on for details!

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I was up in Chicago this weekend, and the staff at the State Street Bang & Olufsen store was nice enough to do an on-camera product demo of the BeoPlay A8 audio system.  The BeoPlay A8 is a high-end audio system designed to work with Apple iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, to provide high-quality sound in a small, portable form factor.  Sound quality is fantastic, and the design will look at home in just about anyone’s living room.  Here is some background from Bang & Olufsen on the BeoPlay A8:

The…BeoPlay A8 intuitively streams music with Apple AirPlay. BeoPlay A8 will recognizes your iPhone or iPad, and then ask if you prefer to listen to your music through its balanced set of dynamic two-way speakers and formidable Class D amplifiers.

BeoPlay A8 builds on the achievements of BeoSound 8, which sold over 50,000 units in its first year and became Bang & Olufsen’s most successful sound system ever. The two models share the same design, specs and outstanding sound. What makes BeoPlay A8 even better is the integrated AirPlay wireless connection – in addition to the removable Apple docking connector.

BeoPlay A8 has the power and acoustic authority to let your music shine, and also has the portability to turn any kitchen or summer cottage into a party zone. It connectivity is so seamless that your only question will be which song to play next.

Henrik Lorensen, VP for B&O PLAY, sees BeoPlay A8 as a logical addition to the B&O PLAY range of premium audio devices designed for the digitally connected. “BeoPlay A8 packs an incredible acoustic punch for its weight, and its design is as easy on the eye as it is on the ear. What it really does is let people connect to their music wherever they want to be.”

BeoPlay A8 hides an impressive array of hard-working components under its stylish hood. The five-inch midrange/bass speakers output 70 watts of fully integrated Class D amplifiers, and the ¾ inch tweeters are powered by 35 watts each.

Designed by David Lewis Designers, BeoPlay A8’s clean lines and flat front conceal the 1.3 litre volumes of the speaker casings, whose shapely cones have no parallel surfaces to create standing waves.

One can adapt the sound mode to BeoPlay A8’s location in the room to further enhance the startlingly true listening experience. A simple switch lets users compensate for wall resonance by choosing between three pre-programmed modes: wall, corner or freestanding positions. Users control the music with a dedicated remote or their iPhone and iPad.

BeoPlay A8 will be available in either black or white. Priced at $1149 and will be available in Bang & Olufsen showrooms, www.shopbangolufsen.com, or at the B&O PLAY online store.

I saw this at the Bang & Olufsen display at CES, which I told you about here, and came away impressed with the audio performance and design.  Priced at $1,149, the A8 is available from Bang & Olufsen, the Apple Store and Amazon.com.  Now onto the demo; thanks to Tod at the Bang & Olufsen store for agreeing to be on-air for us!

If you happen to be in downtown Chicago, stop by the B&O store at 609 North State Street and ask for Dave or Tod…they’ll take great care of you.