Before you take down the terror in Dead Space 3 on February the 8th, take a look back on Isaac Clarke’s journey so far.

In four parts, the Dead Space Journey Through Terror series charts the evolution of the Dead Space series to date – its story, its gameplay and its scares, and also provides a glimpse at what the next chapter has in store for Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 3.

The third episode of the Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror mini series explores some of the core gameplay features.

Atmosphere in the Dead Space series is key. Everything, from the story to the gameplay, is shaped with creating a certain kind of atmosphere in mind. Because of this, the games of Dead Space have always maintained a minimal heads-up display; all of the information the player needs is worked directly into the game environment. The player’s health is displayed as part of Isaac’s engineering suit, video and audio tapes are played back through the suit’s built-in technology – in short, everything the player sees, Isaac sees.

Join us tomorrow for Dead Space | Journey Through Terror Part 4 of 4.

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