Project Gotham Racing 5 will launch alongside the new Xbox, reports have suggested.

The racing game will be developed by Liverpool studio Lucid  Games, which is made up of ex-Criterion and Bizarre Creations staff, reports STFUandPlay.


An image on the Lucid Games website (above), meanwhile, depicts London with a  “Road Opens 2013” sign in the foreground.

The picture suggests that the  new Xbox will launch later this year, backing up previous  reports.

Project Gotham Racing 3 was an Xbox 360 launch title  and was followed by a sequel, which introduced motorbikes.

Development  studio Bizarre Creations was subsequently purchased by Activision, before closing  down in 2011.

The new  Xbox has reportedly entered beta, with a shipment of brand new prototype  kits having made their way to developers.

Alleged Xbox 720 patent filings  suggest Microsoft’s next console will feature an improved Kinect device and two CPUs, one for gaming and another for multimedia applications.