With the recent release of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray, there is also an app you can download that unlocks exclusive content from the disc – we take a look at it.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 1

This is how the app is described:

Become one of Gotham’s Most Wanted, put yourself in the Camo Tumbler and add the Tumbler to your own personal video! Share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 2

Put the Camo Tumbler in your video
– Shoot your own video and have the Camo Tumbler to drive through it. Share your video with friends!

Photo Opps
– Put yourself in the Camo Tumbler in a photo
– Place yourself in The Dark Knight Rises “RISE” poster

Gotham City’s Most Wanted
– Place the mask from Batman, Bane or Catwoman mask onto your photo and share with friends

And more!

You can use the app without syncing it to your Blu-ray disc, but you won’t get the exclusive content, but if you don’t have a Blu-ray player that is connected to your network then you should still try the app.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 10

Syncing is very simple – just select the Second Screen menu option and wait.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 5

Once you are in the app you have a number of different options to choose from, including looking at the characters and locations in the film, a number of featurettes you can watch, and even a scene explorer – the choice is yours.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 11

You can select any of the main characters to learn more about them and see exclusive behind the scenes content – personally I like Selina, I wonder why?

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 3 CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 4

The featurettes are really interesting too.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 7

One of the really cool features is the ability to either sync the app to the movies or sync the movie to the app. What this does is enable you to jump straight to a scene in the film if you are looking at it on the app, or look at it in the app if you are watching it in the film, all at the press of a button. The film automatically pauses and continues so that you don’t miss anything.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 6

You can examine lots of the vehicles and gadgets from the film too.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 8

And learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes activities.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 9

And you can even make a video that includes a Camo Tumbler from the film.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 12

This is quite fun, so you should give it a try – here the tumbler is about to drive over my carpet.

CDW The Dark Knight Rises FX HD - 13

You can also use the camera on your iPad or iPhone to take a picture of yourself wearing one of the masks if you fancy yourself the next Batman or Catwoman.

Overall I was very impressed with the app, especially because it was free. Yes, once you have gone through all the videos, taken some pictures and made a video with the tumbler you have pretty much done everything, but there is a lot to do with around 130 syncable events to got though. I can easily see a lot more movies coming with Second Screen abilities in the future, and I look forward to them.

Just make sure you have actually watched the film first before playing with the app – you don’t wait any spoilers now do you?

Download the app from the Apple App Store for free