Sony  has released a teaser site that appears to indicate the upcoming  announcement of its next game console.

playstation logo

The site includes a video inviting  viewers to “see the future” as the PlayStation cross, square, circle and  triangle symbols glow with electricity.

The announcement will be revealed on February 20 at 6pm ET (11pm  GMT).

Sony’s next console – codenamed Orbis and more commonly referred to  as PlayStation 4 – will reportedly use new  user accounts and a new controller design.

It was recently claimed  that Sony’s next console will feature 4K  resolution support in line with a rumoured new range of Sony  TVs.

Additional hardware details were leaked  last year, while EA’s Frank Gibeau revealed that he had seen  both the PS4 and new Xbox, and suggested that the consoles would introduce  gaming to a further billion people.

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai recently  hinted that the company’s next console could arrive after Microsoft’s next  Xbox system.