The Nike+ Kinect Training game has some new content in the form of the Upper Body and Core Workout pack.


Nike+ Kinect Training is a personalised training experience built from the ground up with athletic expertise and inspiration from Nike coupled with powerful and precise technology from Kinect for Xbox 360. Through the magic of Kinect, Nike+ Kinect Training can see how the body moves, assess physical strength and athleticism, identify areas for improvement and create a workout plan tailored to each person.


The brand new Upper Body and Core pack is a 15-minute workout with personalised drills to target your upper body, whilst burning calories. Your Nike trainer in the experience will select a mix of strengthening and toning drills combined with fun, intense cardio to help you reach your goals. This pack integrates with your ongoing Nike+ Kinect Training programme, adding on new, difficult drills as you progress.

This new pack costs 400 Microsoft points.

A Lower Body and Core pack is coming soon!

I have started my Nike+ Kinect Training regime and will be reporting back how I get on!

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