Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced a free DLC pack that will accompany European versions of its METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


The game will be released on February 21st/22nd, and KONAMI has announced that every copy will include a free DLC code to unlock a custom Cyborg Ninja body for use in the game.  Based on the design of the hugely popular character Gray Fox from the original METAL GEAR SOLID, the Cyborg Ninja DLC not only allows users to assume the guise of the popular character, but it also allows them to use and upgrade his powerful FOX BLADE within METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE.

MGR_Cyborg_Ninja_01 MGR_Cyborg_Ninja_02

The new game features Raiden as its central character, and is set in a near future where cyborg technology has become commonplace throughout society. Following the events of METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Guns of the Patriots which oversaw the collapse of the Patriots hierarchy that had been secretly controlling the global power balance, the large ‘Private Military Companies’ (PMCs) that had been supported and controlled by the Patriots have collapsed, spawning countless rogue entities.

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  • Good Good news. When it is a game I been waiting for forever like this one I try not to think about it too much until it is here cause it makes it agonizing. Glad to here tho my gf is back in Wales atm and she will be sending me the limited zavvi edition I was wondering bout this Grey Fox tho and now that they all get ’em and just hearing ps3 gets free vr missions too kinda makes the wait for this game worth it soooo glad it got picked up again by platinum mmm I needed an action fix been too long since Bayonetta and Vanquish :3