Just before CES 2013 Samsung announced their Evolution Kit, and at CES we got a closer look at it.

CDW - Samsung Evolution Kit at CES 2013 - 3

Its an innovative concept that enables Samsung 2012 Smart TV to evolve into Samsung’s new 2013 Smart TVs. By simply attaching the Evolution Kit device into the back of a Samsung Smart TV, consumers can enjoy the latest features that the 2013 Smart TVs have to offer.

CDW - Samsung Evolution Kit at CES 2013 - 4

With hardware enhancements, such as CPU, memory and GPU up to the level of the latest Smart TV, users can enjoy faster speeds for browsing the Internet and multitask by using apps while watching TV.

In addition, Samsung’s Smart Interaction features such as voice control and motion control will be enhanced. Once the Evolution Kit is attached to the slot, 2012 Smart Hub is transformed to 2013 version. Every year, consumers will now be able to enjoy the latest services with Samsung’s Smart TVs.

CDW - Samsung Evolution Kit at CES 2013 - 7

The Evolution Kit fits neatly onto the back of the TV and connects via a single cable.

CDW - Samsung Evolution Kit at CES 2013 - 5

No word on price or availability, all Samsung would say is that it will be out after the new 2013 TV’s, so watch this space.