Samsung has expanded its range  of smart compact cameras with new hardware announcements at CES 2013.

The  manufacturer unveiled a host of devices equipped with Smart Camera 2.0  technology, which offers a range of shoot, share and editing options.

Samsung WB250F



Samsung WB800F


Samsung’s new smart snappers have been built with smartphone users in mind. The  AutoShare feature enables images to be automatically sent to a handset over WiFi  immediately after they have been captured.

Moreover, a dedicated app for  iOS and Android turns handsets into a remote viewfinder for the  camera.

The WB250F spearheads the new compact range, featuring an 18x  optical zoom, 24mm lens and 14.2 million pixel CMOS sensor. The WB200F will also  be available as a CCD sensor-packing alternative.

Samsung’s WB800F is a  mid-range offering, sporting a 21x optical zoom, a 16.3 million pixel CMOS  sensor and touch-screen functionality.

The Samsung WB30F is a slimline alternative, a 17mm thick snapper with a 10x  optical zoom and 24mm wide angle lens, as well as special features including  Magic Frame and Live Panorama modes.

Samsung’s DV151F is a WiFi-enabled  snapper with a 1.48-inch front LCD screen ideal for capturing self portraits,  and a range of in-camera effects such as the Beauty Palette feature and Smart  Filter 3.0.

The Samsung ST150 rounds off the new line of smart compacts,  coming with an f/2.5 lens, 5x optical zoom, 25mm wide angle lens and a 16.2  million-pixel CCD sensor, as well as WiFi connectivity.

Pricing and  availability for the new camera is yet to be announced.