Metro Last Light is due out later this year from THQ, and the developer of the game,4a Games have posted some new screenshots on their Facebook page.


Here they are:

metro-last-light-jan-2-1 metro-last-light-jan-2-2metro-last-light-jan-2-3 metro-last-light-jan-2-4metro-last-light-jan-2-5 metro-last-light-jan-2-6metro-last-light-jan-2-7 metro-last-light-jan-2-8 metro-last-light-jan-2-9 metro-last-light-jan-2-10 metro-last-light-jan-2-11 metro-last-light-jan-2-12

Metro Last Light from THQ looks really interesting and we recently spent some time with THQ, but more on that shortly.

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