Apple has started it’s annual 12 Days of Christmas, and for day 8 it’s Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth Book.


You and your friends can download a fantastic selection of songs, music videos, apps and books for free. Each download will only be available for 24 hours. Get the special 12 Days of Christmas app to make it even easier to access your gifts while you’re on the go.

To access these gifts, the Region Format setting on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch needs to match your iTunes Store account.

You need to download the app and then each day for 12 days there will be something free.

Day 8 – Ken Follett The Pillars of the Earth Book


I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

  • Adrian o’connor

    Since I read the Telegraph a day late, I keep missing these offers! Why not extend availability to 48 hours?

  • nev

    It’s still free in the iBooks store, even if you’re late.