The Kickstater project to bring VLC to Windows 8, including RT, has met its target.


This is how the Kickstarter project is described:

This project’s goal is a fully featured port of VLC media player to the new Windows 8 User Experience. A second release will also add support for Microsoft’s Surface tablets.

VLC media player for Windows is currently installed on about 100,000,000 devices worldwide. The existing version runs on Windows 8’s desktop mode, and is available only for Intel-based PCs. This new port will be natively integrated within the new User Experience and will also support ARM-based tablets in a subsequent release

Similar to the desktop version of VLC media player, you will be able to play all files, all your discs and all your network streams. All of that in a native, beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

In contrast to the built-in media player, VLC for Windows 8 we intend to add support for DVDs and VCDs out-of-the box as well as unencrypted Blu-Rays. All the features known from our current releases will be retained like a full fledged equalizer, video filters and superior support for subtitles.

We will pursue a fully-compliant app for submission to the Windows Store in order to reach as many users as possible, and to provide a consistent installation and update experience.

This fundraiser is run to allow experienced core members of the VideoLAN team to work on this new port full-time. We expect an initial release within three months after finishing the fundraiser. This would not be possible to do with volunteers.

The target was £40,000 and with 5 days still to go, as for 9am UK time, the amount raised is £41,167.

Nice work guys!

Learn more and pledge to the Kickstarter here