Elgato has introduced a new live streaming feature for Elgato Game Capture HD that makes broadcasting gameplay on Twitch easier than ever.


Click. Live on Twitch.

Capturing gameplay is great – but what if you want to entertain your audience in real-time? It doesn’t get easier than with the new Live Streaming feature, built directly into Elgato Game Capture HD. Oh, and in case you’ve wondered: of course you can still simultaneously capture your gameplay while you’re streaming.

Now with live commentary.

Use any microphone that’s connected to your computer, find the perfect balance with your game audio and even automatically lower the volume of your game whenever you speak. With the new Live Commentary feature, all of this is only a click away. Now it’s up to you to think of something brilliant to say.

Retro gaming approved.

We know, you’ve bought Elgato Game Capture HD to capture, well, HD. But now you can also connect your standard definition gaming systems to capture and even stream the glory of ye olde days. The best part? You can use the included component adapter to connect the composite output of your console, and still leave your TV connected via HDMI.

More options. Less clutter.

Just as with the last release, there’s a lot more to this update than we could possibly mention in these few lines. Among those things:

  • We’ve tested the Wii U and think it’s awesome, and since it also plays nice with Elgato Game Capture HD via HDMI, you can now specifically select it as an input device.
  • If you fancy capturing your iPad or iPhone gameplay, you can now automatically crop the capture to the size of your app.
  • With digital gain, you can now better control the volume of your game audio.
  • There’s a lot you can tweak – but with collapsible sections and the new tabbed settings window, you’ll see that finding the options you want has never been easier.

The Elgato Game Capture HD 1.2 software update is available as a free download at http://gamecapture.com for PC and Mac.