PacketVideo has brought TonkyBeam to the Roku and XBOX 360, bringing an open-platform second screen solution to your living room.  Read on for details.


PacketVideo has brought TonkyBeam to the Roku and XBOX 360, bringing an open-platform second screen solution to your living room.  TwonkyBeam is an app designed to allow you to stream online content from your phone or tablet to your connected TV device, and in addition to the Apple TV, it now works with Roku boxes, XBOX 360 consoles and other DLNA compliant devices and TV’s.  Here is the press release:

Twonky Beam Now Compatible with Xbox 360 and Roku, Offering a Seamless Multi-Device Video Experience for Both iOS and Android users

Free App Lets Users Stream Online Videos from Smartphones and Tablets to

Virtually Any Connected Living Room Device

December 12, 2012—London, UK—PacketVideo today announced that the company’s Twonky Beam product, a free app that lets users discover and transfer online video content from a  tablet or mobile device to a television with the touch of a button, now works with the Xbox 360 game console and Roku streaming players. With the addition of these popular products to the existing lineup of devices that support Twonky Beam, including Apple TV, AT&T U-verse, multiple models of connected televisions, and legacy DLNA devices, Twonky Beam now works with well over 90% of connected living room media devices.

Twonky Beam enables users to easily “beam” online and personal video content from a PC, Android or iOS device to the living room with the simple press of a button. Unlike proprietary solutions that only work within a closed environment, Twonky technology is an open solution that works across brands, operating systems and industry standards to bridge the gap between mobile devices and the living room.

“Twonky Beam offers the best of both worlds for today’s connected consumer. Tablet and mobile devices have become enormously popular for the discovery and consumption of video content, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down,” said Jerome Rota, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products and Services at Packet Video. “We believe that the so-called “second screen” will soon become the hub of the consumer media experience, but we also know that video content is best enjoyed in the living room on the big screen. With Twonky Beam, anyone can discover and access content on a tablet or smartphone and then seamlessly enjoy that content on the television through great products like the Xbox 360, Roku and Apple TV. ”

Twonky Beam is part of Packet Video’s full suite of connected home products, which includes the flagship Twonky Server software. Twonky Beam is available as a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For more information on Packet Video products and solutions, visit

I’ll have to try this with the Apple TV and the XBOX!  I use Twonky’s DLNA server every day to play back video on my TV, but will have to try this new capability with AirPlay devices and the XBOX 360.