LaCie has announced a new rugged storage option, packing USB 3.0, resistance to temperatures between –30C and 200C, and waterproof up to 200 meters.  Does this sound like your kind of storage device?  Read on for details.


LaCie has announced a new rugged storage option, packing USB 3.0, resistance to temperatures between –30C and 200C, and waterproof up to 200 meters.  It can also withstand being run over by a ten ton vehicle, supports AES 256 bit encryption, and comes with Wuala storage space.  Here is a video of the product being deep fried for 5 minutes and being accessible after.  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

The XtremeKey is a USB key encased in a metal enclosure with watertight threads and O-ring protection.  It comes with 32GB (and soon 64GB) of onboard storage with an equal amount reserved for you in Wuala, making it easy to back up your data in the cloud.  And with AES 256 bit encryption, your data should be safe even if you lose the key.  Pricing starts at $89.99 for the 32GB version.  Here is the press release:

PARIS, FRANCE – Today, LaCie expands its industrial-strength storage line with the faster, stronger XtremKey USB 3.0. Designed for users who want to push the limits with their technology, the robust LaCie XtremKey can challenge the most severe conditions.

Resistant design

The LaCie XtremKey received multiple awards for its innovative, rock-solid design. With wear-resistant screw threads and a rubber O-ring, the LaCie XtremKey is waterproof up to 200 meters. “The unique design is inspired by a waterproof screwing closure and thick metal casing,” said product line manager Luc Pierart. “When the seam is sealed, the aerodynamic key can withstand extra ordinary circumstances.”

Like its predecessor, the latest LaCie XtremKey features a protective cap made of thick ZAMAC metal alloy. Its strength can withstand severe shock, dizzying drops, and the relentless pressure of a 10-ton vehicle. It also survives bone chilling temperatures down to -30°C, and scorching heat up to 200°C.

Speed and Data Protection

The LaCie XtremKey’s large capacity up to 64GB and fast transfer speeds up to 230MB/s allow users to transfer three HD movies or 9,200 photos in less than one minute. An adventure photographer can backup all of his photos in no time while on the road.

LaCie’s Private/Public software comes standard on the key and provides impenetrable data protection. The AES 256-bit software encryption protects sensitive documents with password authentication, so even if the key is lost or stolen the files remain inaccessible.


The LaCie XtremKey is available now in 32GB and will be available soon in 64GB. Both capacities will have one-to-one matching capacity of Wuala Secure Cloud Storage, which allows users to securely store and share data online. It is available through the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Partners starting at $89.99. For more product information, visit

Check out these pictures.

XtremKey - PRXtremKeyxtremKey_PKGXtremKey_USB3_openXtremKey_WaterResistant


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