Imagine More…Options

Manfrotto are market leaders in photographic accessories, especially known for their excellent tripods and bags.  Here, I look at the Veloce V photgraphic backpack.

‘Veloce’ means ‘rapidly’ in Italian musical notation, and this backpack is designed to allow you to quickly access your gear, and also quickly and easily reconfigure the internal layout of the bag to suit your equipment.  As with many camera bags, the internal dividers are fastened to the body of the bag with velcro, allowing them to be moved around to create larger, smaller or longer compartments.  The red flap you can see in the photos allows those compartments to create an L-shape, to fit the shape of most SLR cameras.  The long compartment up the side is suitable for a compact field tripod.  Fear not if, like me, yours wouldn’t fit in there – the bag has a sturdy rib down the centre of the front of the outside with two holes through the back of it.  Straps are provided to allow you to fasten your tripod to the outside of the bag (see the photos to see how this works).  The straps have very solid clips, which I’m sure would never slip or come undone, and the straps are rubber-lined on one side to help keep the tripod still.

Imagine More…Organisation

The Veloce V has many, many pockets and compartments built into it, on top of the reconfigurable ones.  It has a sturdily-padded slot for a laptop, pen holders, two external pockets and a couple of internal pockets.  No more do your small items have to slosh around in your bag and scratch your camera or lenses.

Imagine More…Ease of Use

One of the features that makes this bag stand out is the inclusion of a quick-access flap on the top of the bag, which gives you easy access into the top compartment inside.  Imagine this:  You’re out and about with your telephoto zoom on your camera, when you find yourself in a tight corner in need of a wide-angle lens.  With other bags, you’d probably have to lay the thing down and open the entire back out wide to get your other lens.  With this bag, you can simply put it upright between your legs and unclip the flap on the top – first lens out, second lens in, re-clip, job done.  Manfrotto also win the prize for the most amazing clip I’ve ever seen!

Another great feature of this and other Manfrotto bags is the fact that the shoulder straps are designed to easily flip over the front of the bag so they stay out of the way while you access the main compartment (by unzipping the back seam of the bag).

Imagine More…Comfort

This is a light bag, despite it’s excellent build quality.  It weighs just 1.23kg.  The shoulder straps and back are well-padded and feel like they would take the constant on-off punishment of a travelling photographer, and be comfortable over long periods of time.  The bag is also water resistant, so there’s no need to worry whether you get caught in a rain shower, or splashed by a sea mammal at Sea World!

Imagine More…Awards

I really like this backpack and will definitely look to Manfrotto next time I change my camera bag.  Connected Digital World awards the Veloce V the CDW Gold Award – 5/5.  An excellent Christmas gift any photographer would love.  The Veloce V is available in the UK from around £50.