Another new piece of DLC for Darksiders II has been released – this one is called The Demon Lord Belial.


Little has been said of the struggles on Earth besides the story given to WAR by the Charred Council. Rumours have now surfaced that perhaps the Third Kingdom was not completely destroyed, and remnants of humanity still yet survive!  It falls upon Death to seek out the truth and unearth a forgotten evil… The Demon Lord Belial.

Uncover a new adventure based on a ravaged post-Apocalyptic Earth, where Death will encounter the last remnants of humanity as well as one of his most sinister opponents yet. The Demon Lord Belial is included with the purchase of the Darksiders II: Season Pass!

The Demon Lord Belial is available to download on Xbox 360 and PC worldwide as well as PS3 now. This DLC will be priced at 800 MS Points / $9.99.

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