Electrongoo have released a new version of Archive Manager (version 2.10) which now supports integrated Microsoft Server Dashboard support for those operating systems using the WSS SDK (e.g. WHS 2011, Server 2012 Essentials, Storage Server 2011 R2, and Small Business Server 2011).

Archive Manager

What is Archive Manager?

Archive Manager is a software add-in which will allow you to archive, backup, and retain versions of files on your system.  Files can be recovered from archives at any time as needed (e.g. data loss, reclaim old documents, review previous versions of documents, etc).

What does Archive Manager provide beyond Microsoft’s included Server Backup utility?

Data retention is of the utmost priority in this digital age.  When you host data on your own home or small business server then you need to guarantee data integrity and retention.  Microsoft’s integrated Server Backup utility is a very useful application which should be used by all WHS administrators to handle disaster recovery of the server.  Archive Manager does not replace the Server Backup utility but rather it enhances the Server administrator’s data retention plan.  Here are a few features Archive Manager provides:

• Robust device support (any UNC path or local HDD as opposed to only local HDD)

• Raw file support (e.g. for cross-system recovery – drag and drop recovery).  The integrated Server Backup utility must be used to recover files.  Archive Manager can, optionally, archive files in raw-mode which allows recovery outside of the software.

• Feature-rich scheduler (hour, day, week, month, on file change, on MB change)

• Windows client support.  Archive Manager offers a stand-alone Windows client to archive files from any Windows client PC to a WHS or NAS box via a UNC path.

• Friendly device support (no need to re-format a HDD to use as a storage device.  Archive Manager  data will co-exist on any NTFS or FAT32 formatted HDD with other files)

• More control.  Archive, version control,  or simple backup (manage your files – push older files to storage and create more free space)

More information about the software can be found on on their website:

The main page http://thearchivemanager.com/index.html

A detailed ‘how to’ list http://thearchivemanager.com/howto.html

A full product feature-list http://thearchivemanager.com/features.html

The software can be downloaded directly from our website http://thearchivemanager.com/select.html.

A fully functional 60-day free trial is available; as is the Standard version for $19.99 USD, and the Premium version for $29.99 USD.