The next release for Battlefield 3 is called Aftermath and EA have released a video showing the Talah Market map for it.


Rise from the ashes, rebuild your forces and bring down the enemy in Battlefield 3: Aftermath. Set in the shattered districts, streets and villages of a post-earthquake Iran, Battlefield 3: Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation. With operational capacity severely compromised, players will fight through the dust and rubble in a vertical and horizontal urban combat setting. In Battlefield 3: Aftermath, players will have additional support in the form of heavily modified troop transport and civilian vehicles adapted to deliver deadly force to the enemy. Also making its debut in Battlefield 3: Aftermath is the deadly crossbow, a new weapon to help deliver silent kills on the battlefield.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath key features and information

· Four new maps including Epicenter and Markaz Market that introduces a fresh, destructive take on urban combat

· Three new vehicles modified to showcase ingenuity and firepower

· New Scavenger game mode, an objective based Conquest mode where lost soldiers armed only with a pistol must search the environment to find more powerful weapons and increasing their chance for survival

· Deliver death in silence with the all new crossbow

· Ten new Assignments

· Ten new dog tags

· Five new Achievements/Trophies

· Publisher: Electronic Arts

· Developer: DICE

· Formats: PlayStation3, Xbox 360, PC

· Release: Starting November 27th for PlayStation 3 Premium members

· Players: 2-24 (consoles), 2-64 (PC)

· MSRP: $14.99 USD for PlayStation 3 and PC, 1200 MS Points

Here is the video showing the Talah Market map:

We also recently got to speak to Craig McLeod from Dice about Aftermath. Over to Craig:

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