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X-Dream Rocker Ultra Gaming Chair from BoysStuff

Do you play a lot of video games? If so, you might want to look at the improved X-Dream Rocker Ultra Gaming Chair, after all, Christmas is coming.

Originally recommended by T3 last year, the new improved X-Dream Rocker Ultra Gaming Chair (RRP £299.95) is the best chair available for games, movies and music. The comfort of premium upholstery and headrest is now enhanced with black padded flip arms for total flexibility. High end features of wireless 2.1 surround sound, subwoofer and vibration motor get you close to the action as you hear every footstep, feel every crash, punch or gunshot. While the control panel lets you adjust the volume and vibration levels. Compatible with all major games consoles, TVs, Smartphones and MP3 players. X-Dream Rocker Ultra chairs are easy to set up and can be “chain” linked for a true theatrical experience.

The X-Dream Ultra Gaming Chair provides pure quality in all-round performance – by design it guarantees seated comfort and comprehensive multimedia surround sound experience.

The chair comes with a superb quality wireless 2.1 surround sound system. The chair incorporates a subwoofer and vibration motor so that you can truly immerse yourself in your chosen entertainment.

The chair is compatible with almost any device with an audio output. This includes all major games consoles, tv’s, smart phones and MP3 players.

The chairs control panel allows you to independently control the level of volume, base and vibration you wish to experience.

The chair has black padded flip arms designed for maximum comfort and flexibility.

The chairs are capable of being “chain” linked for that genuine theatre like experience.

The chair has a one year manufacturers guarantee.


You can buy the X-Dream Rocker Ultra Gaming Chair from BoysStuff.