Recently we got to play on the new Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC and we also got to talk to Fabrice Condominas who is the producer.

ME3 Omega 1

Mass Effect 3: Omega expands upon the events of Mass Effect 3, with gripping and emotional storytelling, compelling new characters, powerful weapons and unique upgrades. In the new story-based single player DLC, the station of Omega has fallen to Cerberus and Aria T’Loak is plotting her revenge. To reclaim her domain, she must team up with Commander Shepard and take down Cerberus’ most accomplished and brilliant agent and land a devastating blow to the Illusive Man’s plans.

ME3 Omega 2

And here is the interview with Fabrice:

Mass Effect 3: Omega is out this month and if you are a Mass Effect fan then you will want this!

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