Hulu has released a Windows 8 app for Hulu Plus, taking advantage of the new Windows 8 UI.  Read on for details.


Hulu has released a Windows 8 app for Hulu Plus users, taking advantage of the UI elements that were introduced in Windows 8.  Here is the blog post:

At Hulu, we are relentless about creating beautiful, intuitive and engaging experiences that help you find and enjoy popular current season TV shows whenever you want, on whatever device you want. Which is why we are so proud to announce the Hulu Plus app is now available on one of the newest operating systems: Windows 8.

Our team has been heads down building a gorgeous new Hulu Plus app that is optimized for the Windows user interface. The app will be available to the general public on October 26th, but those of you with early access to Windows 8 can check out the Hulu Plus app now. You’ll see we’ve included a few new goodies.

The new Hulu Plus app leverages core Microsoft design principles with our touch-optimized experience. The UI is simple and clean and puts the most relevant content first, creating a visually immersive experience in the most engaging way.

Launching the app presents you with an immersive panorama of your favorite shows and episodes laid out in a wide canvas.

The Hulu Plus app uses a tile-based view common to the new Windows UI. This will make it easy for you to find the latest episode of the shows you want to watch, but also to discover new ones.

When using Hulu Plus, we know you care about getting to “Family Guy” or “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” as quickly as possible. The Hulu Plus app on Windows puts key features into the app bar to keep the focus on content.

Check out the full blog post here, and check out the Hulu Plus app in the Windows 8 app store when Windows 8 goes live.

Hulu Plus Windows 8 Blog Post