Make sure that you are connected to either the Xbox or PS3 and ensure you have selected the Hauppauge capture device as the source. You can then chose the format you want to capture in – for me I wanted to capture MP4 so I could use iMovie to edit my captures. Click Capture to start!

CDW Review of the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 - 18

And when you are finished capturing just click Stop.

CDW Review of the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 - 29

Final Thoughts

Once you have installed the software, configured it how you want and connected it up to your console, capturing footage is as easy as either clicking the Capture button in the software or pressing the capture button on the device itself.

The quality of the recordings were very good and came in very small, which made me happy!

You can edit your recordings in the software or move them somewhere else to edit them – which is what I would suggest.

One of the new software updates brings the ability to add your own logos to the gameplay footage. This is incredibly easy to do and saves a lot of time!

Something I was disappointed about was that the software only works on Windows. I do a lot of my videos on the Mac and so I really want my raw files on there. Yes, I can copy or move them, but my games consoles are in a different room to my PC and so I can’t easily use my desktop to capture the game footage.

You can buy third party software for use on the Mac but I really don’t see why I should pay for the device and then have to pay extra for software to run it on a Mac! Seriously Hauppauge you need to sort this out. Your competitors don’t do this and their products work out the box with a Mac.

UPDATE: Having spoken with Hauppauge, the developer of this third party software is actually one of the Hauppauge lead developers, so it’s written by someone who does know what they are doing. I still think it should be provided free out of the box though.

Another thing I didn’t like was the power supply. Its quite big and it’s yet another required socket wherever your console is located. Again, Elgato doesn’t have this problem with their device, it’s USB powered and a lot smaller!

One of the selling points is what Hauppauge refer to as “real-time passthrough”. Actually it isn’t real-time passthrough at all – it has a second or so delay, which may not seem like a big deal but it means you cannot use your PC monitor or laptop screen to actually play the game you are recording. Sorry, but that makes it unusable without using the original TV screen, which is fine with me, but Hauppauge really shouldn’t market it in a slightly misleading way.

UPDATE: Again, having spoken to Hauppauge it appears I may have had a faulty review unit, and I can confirm I have seen it working in action, as it is advertised.

Price wise, the HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition retails for around £165, so it’s not cheap.

UPDATE: Again, following on from a conversation with the VP Sales and Marketing, I can confirm that the price is dropping to around £140, which makes a real difference!

When we scored this review last week we gave it a 3 because of the various issues mentioned above. After various conversations with Hauppauge, and seeing a working unit, along with the price drop, we have increased our rating to a 4!


Learn more from the Hauppauge website