Raspbmc for Raspberry Pi has just been updated again, this time with PVR support, easy codec installation and more.


This is what was posted:

A few days ago I announced MPEG2 hardware decoding support for the Raspberry Pi. Prior to this announcement, there was little point in pushing out a PVR build, as only H264 broadcasts would be playable. Now we’ve got an MPEG2 decoder, it seems fitting to allow PVR support.This PVR build is custom and I have implemented it into the Raspberry Pi XBMC branch itself, so it is technically an unsupported platform. Thanks to empat0 for OMXPlayer patches. Don’t expect a lot of support on this for now!

What does PVR offer?

  • You can view your TV schedule, watch TV channels and schedule recordings.
  • Works with TVHeadend backend, MythTV, yaVDR, MediaPortal and will soon work with ForTheRecord
  • Works with IPTV / DVB-T (known as Freeview in the UK), and DVB-S (satellite), and in some regions DVB-C (cable).

This means you can now watch live TV on any Pi from a single antenna / dish / cable connection.

Easy codec installation

Now it’s easier than ever to enter your license keys you got from the foundation as you can do it right from the Raspbmc Settings addon.

New XBMC release

This PVR functionality is now available in the form of a new XBMC update. This update brings bug fixes and enhancements as well. To get this functionality, you need to install it from the Nightly build list in the Raspbmc Settings addon. It’s being kept separate from the standard XBMC Raspbmc offers for reasons of stability and maintainability.

Known issue: CEC

CEC support is broken in this build. I can resolve this later, but haven’t had much time to look at it as I’m a little busy for now working on the next release.

Many thanks and enjoy

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