Email and FTP Server Configuration

What good is motion detection without somewhere to store the images?  I used both email and FTP as a destination for the snapped photos.  The volume of photos snapped was too high to keep email for me, so I reverted to FTP to the QNAP NAS that is currently in my house.  Click on email to configure the email client:


I obscured my email settings, but add a sending account, the SMTP address, user name and port to use, and a receiving account.  Select Motion Detection to email yourself an image every time motion detection picks up something.  I have it set to Manual right now, but rest assured that this function works.

To configure FTP, click on Upload.


You need to tell the camera where your FTP server is, how to authenticate and where to put the file.  I also set this to Motion Detection; to turn off the motion detection capability without wiping your settings, click on Manual Operation.  One nice thing here is that TRENDnet allows you to specify how the files are named, and I created a new subfolder every 30 minutes to keep the resulting motion detection files organized.  This is a nice touch.  Over on the QNAP NAS that I am using as the FTP server, this is what was recorded on July 6th:


You can see the times by half hour where the camera recorded images using motion detection and uploaded them via FTP.  The motion detection is probably set too sensitively in my configuration, but since I have plenty of space on this FTP server, I have left it alone.