I installed Office 2013 Consumer Preview tonight.  Here are my early impressions of Outlook 2013.

16-07-2012 21-16-26

I posted a walkthrough of the installation process for Office 2013 Consumer Preview here.  In this article, I give you some of my early impressions of Outlook 2013.  I’ll spend more time working in Office 2013 Consumer Preview in the coming days as well so stay tuned for more feedback.

Installing Outlook 2013

I use Outlook pretty heavily, and currently have an Exchange (Office 365) account, a Live account and three IMAP accounts configured to work with Outlook 2010 in Windows 7.  I decided to configure the Exchange account and the Live account for this test.

First, go to the Metro desktop and locate your Office tiles.  I reorganized them to segregate all of the Office apps into one area of the screen.  Click on Outlook 2013, which I have circled in this screenshot.

0 Office on the Desktop

An Outlook 2013 installer will kick off on the legacy desktop.  All of these Office apps are for the Professional version of Windows 8 and run on the legacy desktop.  Click on Next.

1 Install

Tell the installer that you want to add an email account.  Click Next.

2 Choose to set up email