Hot off the heels of the Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft have posted the next in their series of Build articles, this time on the Windows Store.

Windows store
Here is how this new article starts:

Since we first introduced the Windows Store, we’ve highlighted many of the different investments we’ve made toward providing a fantastic catalog of apps for every Windows customer and a great, global developer value proposition. We’ve showcased everything from a user experience that supports app promotion and discoverability to language support to app licensing and analytics. After all, a thriving Store ecosystem depends on great customer and developer experiences.

The Release Preview Store contains a number of improvements for both customers and developers. The Store also continues to grow—we now have more apps from more locales, being delivered to more locale-specific catalogs. We added 33 new developer submission locales just since the Consumer Preview, and we now support 38 markets for app submission with support for more markets on the way.

The Store now offers a unique app catalog for customers in 26 markets, increasing the Consumer Preview number by 21. This number, too, will continue to grow as we continue to expand the service globally. In the meantime we continue to include a “rest-of-world” catalog for those locales we have yet to support.

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