If you have your Raspberry Pi, you might be interested to know that Raspbmc is now in beta!


This is what was just posted:

Some good news. Raspbmc is now in beta. Let’s face it — project updates aren’t that great, users want to see results and try out what’s in the works, rather than hear about them. So that’s what I’m allowing you to do today. I wanted to make this a closed beta, seeing as release isn’t far around the corner. This was originally because I wasn’t too sure about the stability of the build, but I believe that Raspbmc is good enough for public testing.

When trying the beta, please remember that this is a test build. Some things will be broken and performance won’t be at its very best. What I’m trying to say is that this beta will not reflect the final performance of Raspbmc, and remember, Raspbmc performance and features will improve in future updates too.

The beta comes in the form of an Gzipped image file, available for download here. Windows users can restore directly from USB Image Tool, and Linux and OSX guys can just run something along the lines of:

gunzip -c installer-testing.img.gz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0

Note: you need at least a 2GB SD card. Raspbmc will use the full size of your card.

Check out a Slice of Raspbery Pi at Sci Fi London Horizons

Have you ordered one? Let us know if you get yours before us, or even after us.

Mine has finally been ordered and should be here in a few weeks time!