, a leading manufacturer of hard-to-find connectivity parts has announced the launch of a new Thunderbolt cables product line, with a wide variety of lengths including 0.5m (1.6ft), 1m (3.3ft), 2m (6.6ft), and the first 3m (9.9ft) Thunderbolt cable available.

Thunderbolt Cables

Each of the cables are constructed using the active components required to support the full, high-bandwidth capability of the Thunderbolt interface: 10Gbps (bi-directional), for inter-connecting devices such as Thunderbolt-equipped external RAID enclosures and other applications such as daisy chaining Thunderbolt devices.

“We are excited to include Thunderbolt cables in our comprehensive line-up of connectivity parts. Thunderbolt technology is supported by all current Apple computers, as well as some models from Acer, Asus and Lenovo, and we’re expecting the interface to be available on an increasing number of computers in the weeks and months to come” said Keith Rodrigues, Senior Product Manager for’s Cables product line.

“Thunderbolt peripherals don’t typically ship with cables included, so the range in lengths we’ve made available offer the customer the flexibility to choose the length that best suits them – shorter cables, such as the 0.5m and 1m lengths for daisy chaining, and longer cables such as the 2m and 3m lengths, which are suited for more convenient placement of peripherals.” said Rodrigues.

Some of the features of the new Thunderbolt cables include:

· Support for dual-channel, simultaneous bi-directional data and video transfers up to 10 Gbps per channel

· Supports Power-over-cable, for bus-powered devices

· Dual Protocol support (PCI Express and DisplayPort)

· Durable cable construction, with high quality Thunderbolt connectors Thunderbolt cables will be available for purchase from technology resellers including Insight, and Dabs and will also be distributed by Enta, Ingram Micro and Micro-P. RRP for these products are as follows:

TBOLTMM50CM : 0.5m Thunderbolt Cable – M/M £30.99 GBP exc VAT

TBOLTMM1M : 1m Thunderbolt Cable – M/M £30.99 GBP exc VAT

TBOLTMM2M : 2m Thunderbolt Cable – M/M £30.99 GBP exc VAT

TBOLTMM3M : 3m Thunderbolt Cable – M/M £56.99 GBP exc VAT