The Pritect Kinect sensor cover is a new product that claims to enhance your security, protect your Kinect and prevent annoying infrared light beams from distracting you when watching a movie over your Xbox.  Does it do these things?  We reviewed it to find out!

Pritect Environment

First of all, exactly what is a Pritect?  Well, here is how Catalyst Components, the company that makes the Pritect, describes it:


Privacy cover perfectly compliments Kinect ™ design aesthetic while obstructing the camera’s view and protecting sensor lenses from dust and debris

Pritect eliminates view of distracting LED indicator and infrared sensor lights for optimal use in the video display area of any home theater environment

Pritect has been designed for minimal impact, seamlessly slips on and off, and will not harm or damage sensor surface

Pritect will not alter standard functions such as voice commands or calibration procedures, but simply eliminates the light necessary for the camera to operate

Made in the USA

Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

In addition, Catalyst Components sent out a press release with this comment from the entrepreneur running the operation:

Paul Harper, Pritect’s inventor and the President of Catalyst Components, comments: “For the first time ever, we have invited into our living rooms a technology which can not only capture video and sound data, but can also identify specific individuals using advanced biometrics, or 3-d facial recognition.  The Kinect can see everything when powered on and for most users, has a direct connection to the internet. It’s like a giant window into your home, but you can never know who might be looking in. With Pritect, you can now close the blinds.”

“The Pritect Sensor Cover is the first and only product designed to protect the Kinect’s lenses, eliminate the camera’s view when not in use, and block the LED and infrared sensor lights for an optimal home theater,” continued Harper. “Pritect does not interfere with Kinect’s startup calibrations or voice command functions; it simply eliminates the light necessary for the camera to operate.”

Catlyst Components was nice enough to mail me a unit to review, so we’ll check out what they say about their product.

Here are some pictures of the product: