Recently we told you about the Kinect Star Wars app for the Windows Phone. Now it’s available on the iPad! The app from Microsoft takes social networking on smartphones into a new stratosphere, by allowing fans of the world’s most iconic film franchise to view their Facebook and Twitter feeds in the style of ‘the crawl’, the iconic STAR WARS opening title sequence.


The new app helps mark the recent release of “Kinect Star Wars”, the latest blockbuster game from Xbox 360 that harnesses the Kinect’s revolutionary controller-free, motion-tracking technology to enable players to truly fight like a Jedi.

Synching seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter accounts, the app transforms smartphones into the ultimate social media dashboards by aggregating social media streams into one place. Fans can discover more about the full “Kinect Star Wars” game and even purchase a copy direct from the app, all wrapped up in an experience that gives a taste of the fun the game offers.

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Download now from the Apple App Store Check out our review of Kinect Star Wars