Martin has been in touch to say that he has released Service Pack 2 for his Lights-Out add-in for both WHS v1 and WHS 2011.


What’s new in version 1.5.2 Build 1737 (Service Pack 2)

New Mac Agent for OS X!

A client package is now available for all users running Apple Mac Computers with their Windows Home Server 2011.

See here for installation and operation.

New option for client action after backup

Service Pack 2 introduces a new client option called “Force end action”. This option is enabled by default to ensure the previous behavior. If you disable this option, the action after backup is only executed if a start-up or wake-up for a scheduled backup has been detected AND if there has been no user activity in the last 10 minutes or during backup.

This new features prevents a standby or shutdown (after backup) if a user is already working on the machine. It also prevents a standby or shutdown (after backup) if the machine is already running before the backup has been started. For more details see Client action after Backup.

Changed handling of Gateways or Repeaters

Problem: Devices connected via a router (or a repeater or VPN gateway) are not visible to the Lights-Out network scanner because for each IP address we always get the same gateway MAC address. Manually added devices with fixed IP addresses sometimes lost the IP address because Lights-Out wrongly detected an IP address conflict and changed that fixed IP address to

Service pack 2 addresses this problem with two changes: Manually added devices are marked with a “fixed IP flag” and are no longer changed to on a conflict.

The second change is a new flag for routers (and repeaters or gateways). Setting this flag in the device properties (Lights-Out computers tab) allows Lights-Out to handle manually added devices with a fixed IP.

If you have a setup, where devices are connect via a repeater or router, assign a fixed IP address and add these devices manually in Lights-Out. Then run the network scanner and Lights-Out should automatically find and mark the router (or repeater/gateway).

User Action instead of Standby or Shutdown

Service Pack 2 introduces a new user action. When you select “User Action” in Lights-Out settings, a new text box is displayed where you can enter a command file. See here for more information.

Command line client for Windows Computers

Those who like to control the server via batch files can now use the Lights-Out command line client.

Lots of bug fixes

See here Release notes and known issues