Earlier today we told you that Microsoft had released a SkyDrive app for Windows and the Mac. They are giving you 7 GB of free storage space, but you could get 25 GB if you hurry!


If you already have a Windows Live account, a Hotmail account, or have been using SkyDrive, then as a “loyal” SkyDrive user, you can upgrade from the free 7 GB storage up to a whopping 25 GB for free. This is a limited time offer, so be quick about it! Actually this is more “keep your 25 GB before it drops to 7 GB” but it’s still a good offer!

Click here to visit the SkyDrive site with the offer.

Sign in, and then click the Free upgrade button, as shown below.

SkyDrive Upgrade

And that’s it, you now have 25GB free storage!

SkyDrive Upgrade confirmed

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