Are you thinking about buying a new Samsung notebook, display or other product you might be lucky enough to get your VAT back from Samsung as part of their Spring into Action campaign.

Samsung vat

The Samsung VAT Cashback promotion is valid on the purchase of a brand new (i.e. not second hand or refurbished) qualifying product(s) from a qualifying retailer by an end-user during the promotional period, which is 00.01 on the 28/03/12 to 23.59 on the 07/05/12. The last date of accepted claim is 23.59 on the 07/06/12, all claims received after this date will be marked invalid.

Qualifying products:

  • Notebooks: NP530U3B-A01UK, NP530U3B-A03UK, NP530U4B-A01UK, NP530U4B-A02UK, NP550P5C-A02UK, NP550P5C-S03UK, NP550P7C-S02UK, NP700G7A-S01UK, NP700G7A-S02UK, NP700G7C-S01UK, NP700Z5A-A01DX, NP700Z5A-A01UK, NP700Z5A-A02DX, NP700Z5A-S01UK, NP700Z5A-S02UK, NP700Z5A-S05UK, NP900X3A-B01UK, NP900X3A-B02UK, NP900X3A-B03UK, NP900X3A-B04UK, NP900X3B-A01UK, NP900X4C-A01UK, NP-RF511-A01DX, NP-RF511-A01UK, NP-RF511-A02DX, NP-RF511-A03DX, NP-RF511-S03UK, NP-RF711-S05UK, NP-RF711-S06UK, NP-RF711-S07UK, XE700T1A-A01UK, XE700T1A-A03UK, XE700T1A-H01UK
  • Display: S24A300B, S22A350, S24A350, S23A700D, T24A350, T22A350
  • Print: CLX-3185, CLX-3185FN, SCX-3405, CLX-3185FW
  • SSD: MZ-7PC256D/EU (250GB), MZ-7PC512D/EU (512GB), MZ-7PC256N/EU (256GB), MZ-7PC512N/EU (256GB), MZ-7PC256B/WW, MZ-7PC512B/WW

Qualifying retailers:

  • Notebooks: All retailers
  • Display: Amazon, Argos, Comet, Currys/PC World, Harvey Norman, John Lewis, Micro Anvika, Overclockers, Richer Sounds, Shasonic
  • Print: All retailers
  • SSD: All retailers

So what are you waiting for?

Learn more from the Samsung VAT Back website